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Sunday, February 14

Happy Valentines Day!

Saturday, February 13

Illustration Friday "adrift"

I drew and painted this in one day with fussy twins and a cooped up 6 year old.
But it's kind of  fun and it has mermaids!
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Friday, February 5

Hansel and Gretel

After several versions (which I'll share later) I think I have my two final portfolio-worthy pieces. I see a few tweaks here and there. (hello missing backpack, adding trees to the background )
 But, overall I think I like them. What do you think? Do they work?
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winter wonderland

we woke up to this last wednesday.
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Thursday, January 28

Work in progress

Re-do of hansel and gretel for the portfolio. If it works, I will have
a sequence and just 2 illos left before we re-do the website and I
renew my membership to SCBWI.