School Visit Programs

Courtney has taught afterschool and summer art programs for many years and likes to create an interactive and inspiring program! Each program will be purposefully designed to engage students and inspire them to find their own avenues of creativity.

Program descriptions are below, more detailed plans for each program are available by submitting an inquiry via the school visit form.

Pre-K – 1st grade: 

  • What does an author/illustrator do? 
  • Try Again! (and again, and again) – What revision means and why it is important. 

2nd – 5th grade:

  • Inspiring Creativity- exercises and tips for creating new fiction stories or putting a new spin on a common story.
  • Character and World Building – how style, color and setting affect the story.
  • Revision in Writing and Illustrating- how to start with a lump of coal and end with a diamond.
  • What does an Illustrator do? – an overview of the steps from getting the story to turning in the final art.

*Programs begin with a slideshow presentation detailing Courtney's career and examples of her work, a book reading and continue to hands on or interactive activity (depending on group size) and finish with a question and answer session.

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Other Info:

  1. The sessions last from 20 minutes (for grades pre-K to 1) to 45 minutes (for grades 2 to 5)
  2. Multiple programs can be scheduled for the same day.
  3. Lunch with a group of selected students, teachers and/or librarians is encouraged.

Sound Interesting?

Fill out the school visit form and Courtney will be in contact soon to discuss fees, schedule and programs.

20 minute FREE Skype visits are also available starting September 2014!  Email Courtney for more information. 

*Travel and Lodging fees do apply to in person visits (in addition to normal speaking fees) for any locations outside of an 2 hour radius of the Washington, DC metro area.