Courtney-kid-unhappyCourtney grew up in small towns across East Texas where the days stretched long and hot. She would play outside until she started to melt, and then sit under the air conditioner and read books, creepy gossip magazines and watch cartoons until it cooled off enough to go back outside.

She discovered she could draw cartoons when she impressed her little sister with a drawing of the Genie from Aladdin. (Her little sister wasn’t easy to impress, either.) She doodled on notebooks and did drawings for friends all through elementary, middle and high school but didn’t take drawing seriously until she took an Art History class in college. Then, she took it very seriously and transferred from Government to Studio Art at the University of Texas at Austin.

After that, she had a baby, moved to the east coast, had two more babies, and drew and painted and wrote in her spare time. (She still loves cartoons, books and creepy stories but she misses Tex Mex)


Her first book, “Maya was Grumpy” was published in 2013, by Flashlight Press.

Her second written & illustrated picture book, “DRAGONS RULE” will be released in 2017 from Little Simon, Simon & Schuster.

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