Courtney-kid-unhappyI grew up in small east Texas towns where I entertained myself by exploring the outdoors, watching Bugs Bunny and reading. (I also hardly ever had a good photo day)

I discovered my love for drawing by re-creating the characters from my favorite animated movies. It wasn’t until college and an awesome teacher that I realized I could draw for a career. I switched from Government to Studio Art at The University of Texas at Austin and never looked back. After graduating with a Studio Art degree I got married, had a baby and moved to the east coast. (I still miss Tex-Mex food)

After a year of full-time babyhood, I combined watercolor (my favorite class in school) and children’s illustration. Since then, I have painted, painted and then painted some more, taught art classes to elementary school students, sold some paintings and had twin boys to keep their sister company.

(or harass her, it’s all about perspective)

My first picture book, “Maya was Grumpy”  from Flashlight Press came out in 2013.

Work from “Maya was Grumpy” was featured at the Appleton Museum of Art, in their feature exhibit Sendak & Co.: Children’s Book Illustrations since “Where The Wild Things Are”.

My second written & illustrated picture book, “DRAGONS RULE” will be released in 2016 from Little Simon, Simon & Schuster.

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Tricia Lawrence
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