The writing and Illustrating Process- Blog Tour

The awesomely talented (and incredibly patient) Tina Kugler













who illustrated the charming "The Change Your Name Store"

change your name store











tagged me to answer a few questions. Go check out her site. I can't wait for In Mary's Garden! 


What I'm currently working on:














































I have 3 stories is different stages of production. Hopefully more work on that soon. 😉 



How does my work differ from others? 

It's an expression of myself. Just as I am unique in my looks, upbringing, current values, and craving for sushi and tex-mex, hopefully my art is different in its execution, process and final result. It's about all the different parts that make the final result. I know many artists who combine watercolor and photoshop but each has a unique "feel" to it. That's what Art with a capital A is about, right? Expression through Individuality? 

Why do I write what I write?

I write what captures my interest and holds it, it has to make me smile. I like twists on old stories and places and things I wanted to do as a child. 

Now Go check out A.J. Smith and his adorable Even Monsters!

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