Happy Holidays!

December 17th, 2014


Process Post Fun

July 8th, 2014

Photographic progress post. This little guy is from a story I am working on. I had previously created a color piece but wasn't thrilled with it. So, I decided to try again on hot press paper….


Bipmin drawing Bipmin-1

Bipmin-2 Bipmin-3 Bipmin-2.5Bipmin-5 Bipmin-on-computer-1 Bipmin-postcard-small


The writing and Illustrating Process- Blog Tour

June 6th, 2014

The awesomely talented (and incredibly patient) Tina Kugler













who illustrated the charming "The Change Your Name Store"

change your name store











tagged me to answer a few questions. Go check out her site. I can't wait for In Mary's Garden! 


What I'm currently working on:














































I have 3 stories is different stages of production. Hopefully more work on that soon. 😉 



How does my work differ from others? 

It's an expression of myself. Just as I am unique in my looks, upbringing, current values, and craving for sushi and tex-mex, hopefully my art is different in its execution, process and final result. It's about all the different parts that make the final result. I know many artists who combine watercolor and photoshop but each has a unique "feel" to it. That's what Art with a capital A is about, right? Expression through Individuality? 

Why do I write what I write?

I write what captures my interest and holds it, it has to make me smile. I like twists on old stories and places and things I wanted to do as a child. 

Now Go check out A.J. Smith and his adorable Even Monsters!

Maya print give away!

April 22nd, 2014

I just received my prints back from the Appleton exhibit "Sendak & Co" that featured prints from "Maya was Grumpy". To celebrate the exhibit and other Maya good news, I'm giving away a high quality giclee print that was part of the exhibit!

 These are from a limited print run done by a fabulous local company and are printed on watercolor paper. 

You can enter by posting a comment on this post, leaving a comment on my facebook post or retweeting on Twitter. 

Deadline to enter in a week from today, April 29th at noon. 


Christopher Award

April 3rd, 2014

I am deeply honored to share that "Maya was Grumpy" will receive a Christopher Award at the 65th Annual ceremony in New York City on May 15th, 2014.

Since 1949, the Christopher Awards have annually saluted media (TV programming, feature films, books for adults and children) that “affirm the highest values of the human spirit.”  The goal is to encourage artists to pursue excellence in creative arenas that have the potential to influence large audiences in a positive way.  

The sense of personal mission and the power of goodness is the heart of the Christopher message. It is summed up by the ancient Chinese proverb which has become our motto: “It’s better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.”

As someone who has been deeply saddened by recent tragedies, it is wonderful to think that "Maya was Grumpy" might bring a little light into the world. 

Unlike other major awards programs, the Christopher Award does not have entry forms or submission fees. Potential winners are reviewed throughout the year by panels of media specialists; members of the Christophers’ staff with expertise in film, TV, and publishing; and specially supervised children’s reading groups.

 Past honorees include Peter Reynolds and Mo Williams and I am honored to be in the current company of Suzanne Collins, Paul Fleishman and Kate DiCamillo. 

The 65th Annual Christopher Award Announcement.